“Atheism Is Definitely An Acquired Position”

Back in May, SalafiManhaj.com posted up a news bulletin titled Children Are Believers In God, Academic Claims. The bulletin was a short article taken from the Telegraph that told of a senior researcher at the University of Oxford’s Centre for Anthropology and Mind named Dr. Justin Barret who “claims that young people have a predisposition to believe in a supreme being because they assume that everything in the world was created with a purpose.”

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Newsweek: Why Fears Of A Muslim Takeover Are All Wrong

Much thanks to Abdulhaq from SalafiManhaj.com for showing me this article. It’s a pretty good read on dispelling a notion that is being propagated by alarmists hostile towards Muslims and Islam (this video is just one such example of the propaganda that’s out there). Titled Why Fears Of A Muslim Takeover Are All Wrong, it puts things into perspective.

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China, Tibet and U.S.-Sponsored Counterrevolution

SalafiManhaj.com‘s put up a new article related to my recent post concerning the weapons found in Tibetan Monasteries (they actually quote the post in the article). To give a little background on some of current discussions revolving the whole China-Tibet debate, I thought I’d post the following article brother AbdulHaq showed me. I’ve yet to finish the whole thing, but thus far, I’ve found it pretty fascinating, especially if what’s mentioned in it is accurate and true. The one thing that bothers me about the piece is it’s source: the Party for Socialism and Liberation (but hey, if it’s true, it’s true).

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The “Experts” are at it Again …

Much thanks to brother AbdulHaq for bringing a couple of things to my attention. The first was a report titled The Hijacking of Britsh Islam. Penned by Denis MacEoin, a so-called “expert” in Islamic Studies, and published just a few days ago (October 29, 2007 according to the document’s properties) by Policy Exchange, a British think tank, the report is being dubbed (by Policy Exchange themselves, no less) as,

[a]n authoritative new report by Policy Exchange, the UK’s leading centre-right thinktank, entitled The Hijacking of British Islam: How extremist literature is subverting Britain’s mosques, reveals the worrying extent of extremist penetration of mosques and other key institutions of the British Muslim community. The report is the most comprehensive academic survey of its kind ever produced in the UK and is based on a year-long investigation by several teams of specialist researchers into the availability of extremist literature and covers more than a hundred mosques and Islamic centres throughout the UK. (Source).

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Shaikh Khâlid al-‘Anbarî on Pledges of Cooperation with the Ash’arîs

The brothers at SalafiManhaj.com have added a new article regarding pledges of cooperation with the Ash’arîs, Mâturîdîs, ans Sūfîs containing questions posed to Shaikh Dr. Khâlid al-‘Anbarî. You can check it out here.

A Brief Mention of Shaikh al-Maghrâwî of Morocco (Updated Again)

In the introduction of the 2nd printing of his book Rifqan Ahl as-Sunnah bi Ahl as-Sunnah, Shaikh ‘Abdul-Muhsin al-‘Abbâd advised (emphasis added),

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Muslim Female Hadîth Scholars

Browsing through WordPress’s tag surfer, I came across this blog entry by Alif Sikkiin and thought I’d share the article linked within it with you. The article is from the New York Times‘s online magazine and concerns Muslim female Hadîth scholars throughout Islam’s history. I found it particularly interesting because just a day earlier (on February 24th, 2007), a friend of mine in Florida, Ibrahim al-Koobee, had sent out an email on his Aqeedatus-Salaf YahooGroup mailing list with a PDF Article from the brothers at SalafiManhaj.com concerning this very same topic: female Hadîth scholars.

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