It’s A Goat, Even If It Flies!!!

Well, that didn’t take too long. At the beginning of Abu Usamah’s piece commenting on Rabi’ al-Madkhali’s recent statement about merely being a critic and not an imam in the science of disparagement and accreditation, he asked the question,

I await to see what the response is going to be from those who have taken him as the undisputed authority in every aspect of the Deen?

Will they apply their normal spin to his words and take them as merely an example of his humility that shows and indicates he is in fact THE IMAM of this science that the scholars of yesterday said ONLY A SELECT FEW WERE CONSIDERED TO BE COMPETENT AND CAPABLE ENOUGH OF DELVING INTO THIS FIELD?

As expected, the exaggerationists obliged in kind and promptly scrambled to carry out some sort of “damage control”, easily living up to the moniker I’ve given them. Take this image of a message that had made its rounds shortly after the audio recording of Rabi’ al-Madkhali’s statement and its translation by was released:

Oh no! Quick, cover your eyes, plug your ears!

Then there’s also this audio recording of a rather emotional statement made by Abul-Hasan Maalik the Green that was promptly sent out by the brothers at TROID.

In response to this, Abu Usamah Atthahabi has written another piece–which can be read after the jump–specifically commenting on the exaggerationism displayed by Maalik in this recording. Enjoy!

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Shaikh Rabi’ IS NOT an Imam of Jarh & Ta’dil

A couple days ago I received an email from my dear friend, Abu Usamah Atthahabi, with the subject line “Re: Sheikh Rabee’ IS NOT an Imam of Jarh Wa Ta’deel“. It’s not often that he sends out long emails like this one, so although the subject of Rabi bin Hadi al-Madkhali is one that I find tired and old, I thought I’d read it and see what was up.

With young new exaggerationists popping up constantly, I thought it might be good to share what Abu Usamah had to say on my blog. Although the readership numbers to my blog have died down due to my inactivity, perhaps his thoughts might find their way to people’s screens than they would being forwarded from recipient to recipient through email.

May Allah reward Abu Usamah immensely for his attempts at fairness and levelheadedness.

For those who want some backstory to the email, the subject line of Abu Usamah’s email is in reference to the statement from Rabi’ al-Madkhali found in the YouTube video before the email, both below the jump (email is without any editing done on my part–you read it as I received it).

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We Can’t Answer Him So Keep Away From That Guy!!!

[ Edit: I added links to the YouTube videos mentioned in the post. Also note that MuslimVlogGuy deleted his comments to my video some time ago–good thing I got screen caps, lol. ]

Earlier this week (Monday) I received a private message on Facebook from one of my buddies telling me of some self-deluded exaggerationist wannabe vanguards of Salafism warning others to keep away from me on Twitter. Being that I don’t have a Twitter account, I had to do a bit of searching to find the tweets. Here’s the exchange that took place (on all images in this post, click to enlarge to actual size):

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Do not Refute Them Until you Know What They Meant?

I woke up this morning and found an email in my inbox from the SPubs mailing list titled, “NEW ARTICLE: Shaykh Muhammad Ibn Haadee al-Madkhalee Disproves the False Principle: Do not Refute Them Until you Know What They Meant”. It contained the following quote, which I assume is part of a longer article (I didn’t click on the link provided to check):

So we have not been commanded to investigate into the intended meanings. Whosoever has speech that is falsehood, then falsehood must be refuted. And if he is ignorant and he says, “I meant such and such, but I erred in the expression,” we reply, ‘The praise is for Allaah. Therefore, you have corrected yourself. So it is not permissible for anyone, from this point onwards, to follow you in that falsehood now that you are aware of it.’ So now you – O critic – have benefited the people firstly and him (i.e. the speaker of falsehood) secondly.

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More from Abu Usamah Atthahabi: Exposing the Double Standards

AK & the Gang continue to berate and insult with their typical hyperbole posting more dribble about my dear friend Abu Usamah Atthahabi, may Allah protect and preserve him, while he responds calmly and respectfully, may Allah reward and increase him. My buddy, Ali Sabir (may Allah reward and bless him) just let me know of a new three part video posted on Youtube of a talk by Abu Usamah regarding SPubs’s double standards.

Videos after the jump.

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More of al-Abbad’s Words Regarding al-Ma’ribi

Earlier this morning I got a request for Shaikh Abdul-Muhsin’s praise for Shaikh Abul-Hasan and I realized that I hadn’t posted the actual conversation the shaikh had with some questioners in which he said that Shaikh Rabî’ al-Madkhalî’s beef with Shaikh Abul-Hasan was personal. I had to dig through my old draft folders on my HDD, but I found an old translation I did of the conversation, which I had originally found on the now defunct messageboard. I did some searching with Shaikh Google and was able to find the transcription, along with another statement the shaikh made regarding al-Ma’ribi. Both of these date a bit earlier than the conversation I posted a few months ago; that one dating Wednesday, Rajab 23, 1423H, these two dating Wednesday, Safar 25, 1423H and Thursday, Jumâdâ al-Ūlâ 22, 1423H respectively (to give some frame of reference with the Gregorian calendar, the second date from Jumâdâ al-Ūlâ, corresponds to August 1st, 2002). I tried my best to find the earliest references to these statements as I could. The two I found were posted to’s forum back in 2002, which predates the original reference I found, which was posted in 2008.

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Sincere Advice to Abu Khadeejah & Others

In my previous post, I mentioned that I got a call yesterday morning from Abu Usamah Atthahabi to pick my brain about a particular matter involving some words he translated for Shaikh ‘Adnân ‘Abdul-Qâdir of Kuwait during a lecture given at Green Lane Mosque. Here’s the video of the response Abu Usamah gave during a talk he gave at Mohammadi Masjid in Birmingham, England, regarding the matter titled Sincere Advice To Abu Khadeejah and Others. Enjoy, folks.

Video after the jump.

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