Rifqan Ahl as-Sunnah in Published in Hardcopy

Back in December I was contacted by one of the brothers from Dar al-Arqam Publishing in the UK about participating in a couple of translation projects they had in mind. After some thought and consultation with a few dear friends, I agreed to take part. The main project eventually ended up falling apart due to news of another publisher already working on the intended book they wanted me working on. The other smaller project, however, was still a go.

While the book is pretty old now, they had asked me for the necessary permissions to have my translation of Abdul-Muhsin al-Abbad’s second edition of Rifqan Ahl as-Sunnah bi Ahl as-Sunnah printed. They felt that it was still very relevant in our current times considering all the controversies the Salafi community is still embroiled with and that it might help with some of those affected and influenced by the exaggertionist mentality. Despite the small intended audience for the book (even though it generally applies to all of the People of the Sunnah and not just those involved in the controversies), they felt that the benefit of having it printed and distributed warranted it being done. So, after speaking with the brothers at QSSC, permission was granted and some necessary corrections and editions were made to the existing published version  (i.e., the one I posted here on my blog). It was also decided that al-Abbad’s short essay Marratan Ukhra Rifqan Ahl as-Sunnah bi Ahl as-Sunnah would be translated (again–as it was already translated by the brothers at Madeenah.com) and added as an appendix.

The book is now printed and is available at al-Hidaayah Publishing & Distribution’s online shop (link) for whoever wants to pick up a copy.


Salafism, Do You Really Get It?

I had originally began this article a few months ago in hopes that it would be completed well before Ramadân. Circumstances however, have prevented its completion until fairly recently. I’ve been waiting on some feedback from some brothers I sent the completed article to before; so far only a few brothers have responded with their input. I thought, however, that I’d post it now despite not hearing back from some of them, since most of the feedback I was getting while working on it was fairly positive.

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Gentleness, O People of the Sunnah (Full Translation)

As I mentioned some time ago, I’d be posting up the translation for the 2nd edition of Rifqan Ahl as-Sunnah bi Ahl as-Sunnah, by Shaikh ‘Abdul-Muhsin bin Hamad al-‘Abbâd al-Badr. I’ve already previously posted the new introduction for the book, as well as the last two chapters (which were added from his other work, al-Hathth ‘alâ Ittibâ’ as-Sunnah). The re-edit I’ve done still hasn’t been completely checked, so for those of you reading this, please let me know of any typos or whatever other mistakes you find. I’ve set the document settings so that it can’t be printed (similar to all the other articles I’ve posted published under QSS’s name). Allah willing, when the articles/ebooks get posted to the QSSC site (no clue when that’ll be though) I’ll be posting the printable versions for all the QSS PDF articles.

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Shaikh Ibn ‘Uthaimîn on Unjustly Declaring Others Astray

Here’s another old translation I did a few years ago, edited and posted, for you.

His eminence, Shaikh Muhammad bin Sâlih bin ‘Uthaimîn (may Allah have mercy on him), said,

Some of those who have taken the path of Salafism in this time of ours have begun to declare all of those who differ with them to be astray, even if the truth were with them (i.e., the ones who differ with them). They have taken it (i.e., Salafism) as a partisan methodology, like the methodology of the other parties that are ascribed to Islam. This is that which is rebuked, and its affirmation is not possible.
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Shaikh Ibn ‘Uthaimîn on Speaking About Individuals

I was sifting through one of my temporary folders and came across this article which I translated a few years ago taken from something originally posted on the as-Sâhah al-‘Arabiyyah forums. I thought it would be good to edit and post it here for you guys. Allah willing, it will provide some benefit for those who choose to read it.

In the name of Allah, the Merciful, the Compassionate

Shaikh Muhammad bin Sâlih al-‘Uthaimîn’s Methodology Regarding Speaking About Individuals

Question: Esteemed shaikh, you know what Shaikh … has of good efforts in the da’wah, so we want a declaration from your excellence, of what you know about this shaikh since some have begun speaking about him, may Allah reward you with good.

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