A Brief Mention of Shaikh al-Maghrâwî of Morocco (Updated Again)

In the introduction of the 2nd printing of his book Rifqan Ahl as-Sunnah bi Ahl as-Sunnah, Shaikh ‘Abdul-Muhsin al-‘Abbâd advised (emphasis added),

I also counsel that the students of knowledge in every land benefit from those occupied with knowledge from the People of the Sunnah in that land; like Shaikh al-Albânî’s pupils in Jordan who established a centre in his name after him, like Shaikh Muhammad al-Maghrâwî in Morocco, Shaikh Muhammad ‘Alî Farkūs and Shaikh al-‘Îd Sharîfî in Algeria, and others from the People of the Sunnah. From the advice to the People of the Sunnah is that whoever of them is mistaken should be notified of his mistake, not pursued for it. Innocence from him should not be declared because of that, and benefit should be sought from him, especially if no one is found who is more prominent in knowledge and virtue than he.

Source: Rifqan Ahl as-Sunnah bi Ahl as-Sunnah (Arabic & English).

On July 28, 2007, Shaikh ‘Alî Hasan al-Halabî was asked, “Esteemed Shaikh, do you have a new statement regarding Shaikh al-Maghrâwî and what is the way out for the tribulations that we live through on all levels?” He replied saying (emphasis added),

I do not have anything new regarding Shaikh al-Maghrâwî and I believe that he is a Salafî man and from the People of Knowledge. Like others, however, he is mistaken [at times] and is right [at times]. I noticed some observations and we advised him and spoke to him regarding some matters. It appears that his Moroccan-ness and his passion have pushed him to the likes of these matters which have gone out of their limit and their frame. I do not have anything, however, that would make me to doubt his Salafism or his creed. I have known him for around twenty five years, since he was a student in the Higher Studies at the Islamic University, and after that, we met many times throughout the years. There is nothing heard from him except Sunnah … .

Source: audio recording (Arabic).

On August 2, 2006, Shaikh Abū Hâtim Usâmah al-Qūsî stated,

Shaikh al-Maghrâwî is a good man, from the People of the Sunnah, and from the luminaries of the Sunnah in his country. No one, no one, no one, no one, has come out of the land of Morocco in these days who has met the claim of the Salafî call like Shaikh Muhammad ‘Abdur-Rahman al-Maghrâwî, may Allah preserve him, has met it. He is not a heretic, he is not misguided, he is not a misguider, he is not a Surūrî, nor a Qutbî. May Allah, exalted is He, preserve him. Those who watch over him and claim that he has mistakes are those who, in reality, are criticized of being the companions of the methodology of “either … or else!” (i.e., giving ultimatums such as “either you do this or else I warn against you!”) and from the exaggerators in the issue of heretication (tabdî’).

Source: A transcribed recording from August 2, 2006 in al-Hudâ al-Muhammadî Mosque titled, Rahimallah Imra’an ‘Arifa Qadr Nafsihi, tape 1, side 2.

For those interested in reading a brief biography of the shaikh, they can do so here (Arabic) and here (English). There are also several replies to those who attack the shaikh that can either be read or listened to at the following link (Arabic). Also, for those interested, they can read the attestation given to him by Shaikh ‘Abdul-‘Azîz bin Bâz, may Allah have mercy on him (Arabic):



About Rasheed Gonzales
My name is Rasheed Gonzales. I’m a Muslim convert of Filipino descent. Born and raised in Toronto, Canada, I was guided to Islam through one of my younger brothers and a couple of friends, all of whom had converted to Islam sometime before me (may Allah reward them greatly). I am married with four children (and the praise is Allah’s) and also a volunteer for the Qur'an & Sunnah Society of Canada, based in Toronto.

10 Responses to A Brief Mention of Shaikh al-Maghrâwî of Morocco (Updated Again)

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  2. Unlissted says:

    Asalam aalaikum:Well many say he must make Jarh Mufaaseer only. Many say the the scholars who defend him must make Jarh Mufaseer. Like addressing the criticism which was made on him and replying to it and actually discussing the actual points made against him……Just saying he’s ok or generally he is from the salafee and ok to take from him again isnt enough and is in opposition to Jarh principle.Shaykh Ali hasan quoted this principle in his nice lecture explaining “Jarh wa taadeel”..QSS lecture……..Do you know how many clear deviants have general praise from Shaykh Bin Bazz and other magnificent scholars????” there is Jarh Mufasseer on him and it cant be replied to by taadeel mubham” If they have explained the mistakes he fell into and refuted them or he has himself refuted the claims or with proof or even said he was mistaken then show me……Unlissted2007….”The one who brought life to the boring AHYA”

  3. as-Salâm ‘alaikum wa rahmatullah Unlissted,

    In the knowledge of disparagement and accreditation (al-jarh wat-ta’dîl), when there is a detailed criticism on an individual that is rejected or ignored by another scholar with knowledge of the criticised individual, then the additional knowledge lies with the scholar not giving the criticism any weight. We have seen this with the situation regarding Shaikh Abul-Hasan Mustafâ al-Ma’ribî, whose disparagement was rejected by numerous shaikhs; among them Shaikhs ‘Abdul-Muhsin al-‘Abbâd, Sâlih al-Fawzân, ‘Abdus-Salâm bin Barjas, the Jordainian shaikhs, Abū Hâtim al-Qūsî, Hishâm al-‘Ârif, and many, many others.

    Shaikh ‘Alî Hasan al-Halabî has known the shaikh (i.e., al-Maghrâwî) for about a quarter of a century and has rejected the disparagement of the shaikh, as have other scholars (among them his brothers in Jordan). He explains that the things held against Shaikh al-Maghrâwî have been addressed and his mistakes have been recanted. Please refer to page 3 of the edit the brothers at SalafiManhaj.com have made to this post in the link provided at the end.

    Also, the criticism by Shaikh Ibn ‘Uthaimîn (may Allah have mercy on him) spread by the likes of Spubs should not have been spread at all. If you refer to the link I provided to the replies to those who attack the shaikh, you will find an audio clip from Shaikh Ibn ‘Uthaimîn where he is asked if he said what Spubs is quoting from him about Shaikh al-Maghrâwî. He replies saying that this is not correct and that he did not say that about Shaikh al-Maghrâwî. He also says that he does not excuse the one who says this about him (i.e., that he called Shaikh al-Maghrâwî a revolutionist) until he contacts the shaikh himself to speak to him about it.

    There is also the reply written by Shaikh al-Maghrâwî himself that you can refer to titled Ahl al-Ifk wal-Buhtân as-Sâddūn ‘an as-Sunnah wal-Qur’an, where he replies to some of the criticisms held against him.

  4. “Unlissted2007….”The one who brought life to the boring AHYA””

    Your reward is with Allaah

  5. Your reward is with Allaah

    … or punishment. May Allah forgive you Unlissted guys for some of the things (e.g., sins, pretty big ones at that) you’ve posted on that (wretched) forum under the pretense of warning from the evils of those brothers.

  6. Please check out SalafiManhaj.com’s edit of my post. They have added some very, very pertinent statements from some of the scholars regarding Shaikh al-Maghrâwî and the “detailed criticisms” against him. Please pay specific attention to what is stated by Shaikhs Ibn ‘Uthaimîn, Salîm al-Hilâlî, and Muhammad as-Subayyal.

    Please spread these words as well, as there are those from our Salafî brothers who have fallen into exaggerating and extremism in these matters of heretication and criticizing shaikhs for their mistakes, declaring them to be heretics because of them.

  7. Abu Salma says:

    Laa syakka, anna masa`ilal jarh wat ta’dil min masailil ijtihadiyyah. Wa la yajuzu lana an naj’ala manhajana yaduru ‘ala Fulan wa Fulan, wanamtahinu an-Naasa bil ashkhosh. Al-Allamah Abdul Muhsin said that imtihanun naasi bil ashkhosh bid’ah, he explain this in his book : al-Haththu ‘ala ittibais sunnah wat tahdhir minal bida’ wa bayaanu khatharihaa.
    Shaikh Muhammad al-Maghrawi, he is amongst the salafess. He like other men, yukhthi’ wa yushib. Also, Shaikh Abul Hasan al-Ma’ribi, Shaikh Ied Syarifi, Shaikh Abu Ishaq al-Huwaini, and more…
    They have some mistake and false, but we can’t made tabdee’ on them otomatically. Becoz, like shaikh Albanee said : Laysa kullu man waqo’a fil bid’ah waqo’at al-bid’atu ‘alaihi.
    Some scholars maybe made tabdee’ on them, but this is not nessecisate us to do the same. Becoz we follow the daleel, not the person. Wa kullu qowlin yu’khaz wa yutrak illa qouli an-Nabi….
    Allohu a’lam

  8. For those who won’t understand what Abu Salma wrote, here’s a rough translation:

    There is no doubt that the issues of disparagement and accreditation are from the issues of independant judgement (ijtihâd). It is not permissible for us to make our methodology obligated on so-and-so and so-and-so, and test the people by individuals. The great scholar ‘Abdul-Muhsin said that testing the people by individuals is a heretic innovation and he explained this in his book Urging on Following the Sunnah, Cautioning Against Heresies, and Clarifying Its Severity.

    Shaikh al-Maghrâwî is amongst the Salafîs. He, like other men, are wrong at times and right at times; like Shaikhs Abul-Hasan al-Ma’ribî, ‘Îd Sharîfî, Abu Is·hâq al-Huwainî, and more. They have some mistakes and false [statements], but we cannot hereticate them automatically. Like Shaikh al-Albânî said, not everyone who falls into heresy has the heresy fall upon him.

    Some scholars may have hereticated them, but this does not necessitate us to do the same, because we follow the evidence, not the person. Every statement can be taken or left, except the statement of the Prophet, and Allah is more knowledgeable.

    Note: A reminder to the brothers and sisters, please try to keep your messages and comments in English for those who do not understand Arabic. May Allah bless and reward you with good.

  9. Abu Salma says:

    I am sorry for my message that mixed with arabic. This is because of my lack in writing english, even though i can understand the english for reading. May Allah grant you sucess my brother, for your kindness in translating my message.

    Your brother
    Abu Salma al-Indonesee

  10. Unlissted says:

    Yes Rasheed without a doubt, we erred in some ways.We know the reward is with Allah we were being sarcastic….Nice blog Rasheed have a nice day….asallamalaikim

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