We Can’t Answer Him So Keep Away From That Guy!!!

[ Edit: I added links to the YouTube videos mentioned in the post. Also note that MuslimVlogGuy deleted his comments to my video some time ago–good thing I got screen caps, lol. ]

Earlier this week (Monday) I received a private message on Facebook from one of my buddies telling me of some self-deluded exaggerationist wannabe vanguards of Salafism warning others to keep away from me on Twitter. Being that I don’t have a Twitter account, I had to do a bit of searching to find the tweets. Here’s the exchange that took place (on all images in this post, click to enlarge to actual size):

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More from Abu Usamah Atthahabi: Exposing the Double Standards

AK & the Gang continue to berate and insult with their typical hyperbole posting more dribble about my dear friend Abu Usamah Atthahabi, may Allah protect and preserve him, while he responds calmly and respectfully, may Allah reward and increase him. My buddy, Ali Sabir (may Allah reward and bless him) just let me know of a new three part video posted on Youtube of a talk by Abu Usamah regarding SPubs’s double standards.

Videos after the jump.

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More of al-Abbad’s Words Regarding al-Ma’ribi

Earlier this morning I got a request for Shaikh Abdul-Muhsin’s praise for Shaikh Abul-Hasan and I realized that I hadn’t posted the actual conversation the shaikh had with some questioners in which he said that Shaikh Rabî’ al-Madkhalî’s beef with Shaikh Abul-Hasan was personal. I had to dig through my old draft folders on my HDD, but I found an old translation I did of the conversation, which I had originally found on the now defunct alisteqama.net messageboard. I did some searching with Shaikh Google and was able to find the transcription, along with another statement the shaikh made regarding al-Ma’ribi. Both of these date a bit earlier than the conversation I posted a few months ago; that one dating Wednesday, Rajab 23, 1423H, these two dating Wednesday, Safar 25, 1423H and Thursday, Jumâdâ al-Ūlâ 22, 1423H respectively (to give some frame of reference with the Gregorian calendar, the second date from Jumâdâ al-Ūlâ, corresponds to August 1st, 2002). I tried my best to find the earliest references to these statements as I could. The two I found were posted to almeshkat.net’s forum back in 2002, which predates the original reference I found, which was posted in 2008.

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Envy & Hatred

I got a nice wake up call this morning from my dear friend Abu Usamah Atthahabi. He had called to get my input on a recent matter that has come up for him. Seems like the guys at SPubs and their cronies in London are all up on his case again, this time for translating some praise Shaikh ‘Adnân ‘Abdul-Qâdir gave for his first shaikh, Shaikh ‘Abdur-Rahman ‘Abdul-Khâliq, and for another shaikh who benefitted him greatly, Shaikh ‘Abdullah as-Sabt (my bad, I thought the shaikh had passed away; he’s still alive, may Allah preserve him). As is usually the case with the Spubs lot, the whole thing is pretty retarded, with them taking statements taken out of context, their double standards, accusations of heresy, accusations of treachery, accusations of misguidance, pretence, pretext, and on and on, and on and on.

In any case, I was searching Youtube to find if the video the SPub groupies in London posted criticizing Abu Usamah had been reposted (as the original video “is no longer available due to a copyright claim by GLMCC”), and while searching, I came across this short lecture by Abu Usamah on a very, very fitting topic: envy and hatred (hasad and baghdâ’), as many times, as history proves over and over again, the underlying causes for these attacks on individuals is this very disease of the heart (i.e., envy). Being that this is the blessed month of Ramadân, I thought it’d be more beneficial to watch/listen to this lecture than to write about this recent retardedness from AK and the gang.

Video after the jump.

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al-Abbad on the Summarized & Elaborated, and Single Reports

I was digging through my draft folders on my harddrive and came across this old translation I did around 10 years ago (give or take some). Since there has been some mention of the principle of correlating the summarized to the elaborated (i.e., taking a person’s summarized, general speech to mean what he’s been known to say in more explicit and elaborated speech) fairly recently (see the recent squabble between SP’s Amjad Rafiq (here) and Musa Millington (here) concerning faith, disbelief, and irja’), I thought I’d touch up and post this short little bit from Shaikh ‘Abdul-Muhsin al-‘Abbâd on the issue. He also touches on the issue of single reports (khabar al-âhâd). which along with the summarized-elaborated principle, are a couple of the things Shaikh Abul-Hasan al-Ma’ribî is accused of innovating (NB: the opinion expressed and held by Shaikh al-‘Abbâd regarding single reports is the very opinion that Shaikh Abul-Hasan holds himself).

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What Occurred Between Imams al-Bukhari & adh-Dhuhli

In his Târîkh, al-âkim Abū ‘Abdillah said al-Bukhârî arrived at Nishapur in the year 250H and stayed [there] for a period [of time] narrating to [its] residents. He said [he] heard Muhammad bin Hâmid al-Bazzâr saying [he] heard al-Hasan bin Muhammad bin Jâbir saying [he] heard Muhammad bin Yahyâ adh-Dhuhlî saying, “Go to this knowledgeable righteous man and listen to him.” He said the people went to him and took an interest in listening to him, such that the disturbance [it caused] was evident in Muhammad bin Yahyâ’s sitting. He said after that, he began speaking about him.

Hâtim bin Ahmad bin Mahmūd said he heard Muslim bin al-Hajjâj saying [that]

when Muhammad bin Ismâ’îl arrived at Nishapur I had not seen the people of Nishapur do with a ruler or a scholar what they did with him, coming to meet him from a two or three days’ journey from the town. In his sitting, Muhammad bin Yahyâ said, “Whoever wants to meet Muhammad bin Ismâ’îl tomorrow should go meet him, for I am going to meet him.” So Muhammad bin Yahyâ and the general body of Nishapur’s scholars went to meet him. He entered the town and settled at the house of the Bukhârîs. Muhammad bin Yahyâ told us, “Do not ask him anything about [Allah’s] speech, for surely, if he were to reply with contrary to what we are upon it would sow dissension between us and him and every nâsibî, râfidî, jahmî, and murji’ in Khurasân will gloat.”

He said the people streamed into Muhammad bin Ismâ’îl until the house and the terraces were filled. When it was the second or third day from the day of his arrival a man stood to him and asked him about the articulation of the Qur’an. He [replied], “Our actions are created and our articulations are from our actions.” He said differing then occurred between the people. Some of them said he said, “My articulation of the Qur’an is created,” while some of them he did not. Differing occurred between them in that until some of them stood up to others. He said the people of the house then gathered and expelled them.

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Arabic Hard for the Brain?!

Not so says Riyad Nadwi, director of the Oxford Cross-Cultural Research Institute. Thanks to Abdulhaq from SalafiManhaj.com for sending me the article.

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