Family Law with Khalid al-Anbari (Updated)

QSS Canada has just announced an upcoming series of lectures to be given by Shaikh Khalid al-‘Anbari. The shaikh will be visiting the first weekend of May and from what I’ve heard will be staying here about a week or so. More details to follow after the break.

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23rd Annual QSS Conference Updates

Just to let everyone who’s interested know, Shaikhs Ali Hasan, Basim, Husain and Khalid all have their visas and have confirmed they will attend. Visas for Shaikhs Husain and Muhammad Musa are is still pending. Insha’allah, they’ll he’ll get their his visas on time and will be able to make the visit.

Update Dec.24, 2009:

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23rd Annual QSSC Conference

22nd Annual QSS Convention Update

For those wondering what’s going on with the conference …

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22nd Annual QSS Convention

It’s that time of year again … although, a little later than we’ve been used to in past years due to Hajj season (which is just around the corner) …

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Rumour Has It … (Updated)

… Shaikh Khâlid al-‘Anbarî will be coming to visit us here in Toronto near the end of December (2008) around or during the Christmas holidays. This will be the shaikh’s second visit to Toronto to give lectures; he was last here in February of this year.

Stay posted for updates to see if this rumour becomes reality in the upcoming days or weeks.

Update (Nov. 4th):

… through the grapevine is that Shaikhs ‘Alî al-Halabî, Usâmah al-Qūsî, and Abū Sa’îd al-Jazâ’irî will be joining Shaikh Khâlid for this December conference.

Keep posted!

Shaikh Khalid al-‘Anbarî Around the GTA

The praise is Allah’s, the February conference is underway. Turn out so far has been pretty good with a bunch of new faces, as well as a bunch of old ones (some of whom I haven’t seen for ages); and the praise is Allah’s. The Friday sermon was very nice, with the shaikh speaking about having good assumptions of Allah. The talk the shaikh gave after the evening prayer (‘ishâ’) was very nice as well; he spoke about the various remedies one can derive from chapter Yūsuf (ch. 12). I missed the first lecture held yesterday, so I can’t really give you an idea of how it was. I’m told however, the shaikh gave an introduction to the main topic of this weekend: Commanding the recognized good acts (al-ma’rūf) and prohibiting the reprehensible acts (al-munkar). After the sunset prayer (maghrib), the shaikh continued with Shaikh of Islam Ibn Taimiyyah’s book and completed it shortly after the evening prayer. This was followed by a question and answer session.

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