Sunday Mercury Report & Rumours About Abu Usamah Atthahabi

There has been a (sorry excuse for) a news report making the rounds titled, “Birmingham mosque cleric accused of sexual harassment”, which has been posted to a couple of third rate “news” sites. The reports makes mention of some sexual harassment allegations levied against Abu Usamah Atthahabi, may Allah exonerate him and preserve and protect him from his enemies. Both Abu Usamah and his employers, Green Lane Masjid, have issued statements concerning the report. Anyone interested in reading Green Lane’s press release can do so here while Abu Usamah’s video response can be viewed after the jump.

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It’s Come to This … .

Surprise, surprise … a new post by yours truly.

As it should be quite obvious, I haven’t really been doing much with my blog. I’ve let my blog practically “die”, with the exception of the odd comment reply here and there. I’ve taken a step (or more) back from active propagation of Islam and just turned my attention to worldly matters such as work, family, friends, and general time-wasting. As a result I’ve been largely out of the loop with many things related to what’s going on in the world, whether it be religious news or otherwise. However, I thought I’d break my inactivity by posting up regarding an email I received from a friend the other day.

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Newsweek: Why Fears Of A Muslim Takeover Are All Wrong

Much thanks to Abdulhaq from for showing me this article. It’s a pretty good read on dispelling a notion that is being propagated by alarmists hostile towards Muslims and Islam (this video is just one such example of the propaganda that’s out there). Titled Why Fears Of A Muslim Takeover Are All Wrong, it puts things into perspective.

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Finkelstein-Dershowitz Debate

This is an old debate. I had first came to know of it last year after finding one viewer’s impression of the Finkelstein-Dershowitz debate posted on Norm Finkelstein’s website, which I found absolutely hilarious. I tried looking for a full video of the debate back when I first found the post on Finelstein’s site, but gave up after a short search.

Last night, my buddy Moez sent me a link from Google Video of the entire debate. I haven’t watched the entire thing just yet (going to watch it after I post this), but I thought I’d post the videos here for your viewing enjoyment.

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3 Old Articles PDF’d

Ok, I was bored. So what? I took three of the articles I wrote a couple of years ago against Answering-Christianity and converted them into PDFs for whoever wants them. I edited them slightly as well, changing the spellings of some of the transliterated Arabic words and other minor things here and there.

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Schism — Saudi Blogger’s Answer to Wilders Film

Most of you probably already know about Fitna, the so called “film” by Geert Wilders, made with the intention of inciting and provoking the Muslim community worldwide. I had thought about writing something about the whole situation (given the fact that I kind of laughed at just how tame and relatively unoffensive it was—compared to the media hype Wilders was giving it, that is, not to mention the other inflamatory anti-Islamic material out there), but later decided not to …

… that is, until I received the link to this article, sent to me by brother Kamil Ahmad. I have yet to see the video mentioned in this article, but I plan on watching it after I post this entry.

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BBC Newsnight Exposes Policy Exchange Report

Much thanks to brother AbdulHaq for bringing this BBC Newsnight programme to my attention; may Allah reward and bless him with good.

From “Mimaro” on Dr. Marranci’s blog:

and the latest unravelling of the ‘anonymous Policy Exchange researchers’ flawed methodology has been exposed on newsnight[12/12/07] by a forensic scientist showing that several receipts for ‘inflamatory’ literature were forged receipts – same handwriting for different institutions, even the institutions addresses on the forged receipts were erroneous as were the letterheads…

Watch the programme. It’s well worth the time.

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  • Policy Exchange Interview – Jeremy Paxman interviews Dean Godson, Research Director of the Policy Exchange, following an investigation by Richard Watson. (This one’s quite amusing).

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