Yahya Ibrahim: Shaykhs Need Advice, Too

Much thanks to brother Kamil for sending me this email; may Allah reward and bless him. It’s a nice short piece written by brother Yahya Ibrahim; may Allah reward and bless him; and I thought I’d share it with those of you who still visit my blog (despite the inactivity). I hope and pray that we all benefit from what Yahya’s mentioned; it’s quite a beautiful story and reminder.

Writes Yahya:

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Schism — Saudi Blogger’s Answer to Wilders Film

Most of you probably already know about Fitna, the so called “film” by Geert Wilders, made with the intention of inciting and provoking the Muslim community worldwide. I had thought about writing something about the whole situation (given the fact that I kind of laughed at just how tame and relatively unoffensive it was—compared to the media hype Wilders was giving it, that is, not to mention the other inflamatory anti-Islamic material out there), but later decided not to …

… that is, until I received the link to this article, sent to me by brother Kamil Ahmad. I have yet to see the video mentioned in this article, but I plan on watching it after I post this entry.

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With Ramadân Literally a Short Few Days Away …

… I thought I’d post up a couple of few relevant articles.

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A Message to the Students of Knowledge & the Callers to Islam

New from brother Kamil:

I write this first and foremost as a reminder to myself, and secondly as a reminder to my brothers and sisters from among the students of knowledge and from among those active in the field Da’wah and teaching. The times we live in are times of great Fitan, especially for those involved in seeking knowledge and delivering that knowledge to the people, and especially for those living in the West. We find many of them who have spent several years seeking knowledge under great scholars, who were known for their firmness in knowledge, uprightness in their implementation of that knowledge, and in spreading that knowledge to the masses, suddenly changing from what they were upon. Now, I don’t intend by this to bring down their status in any way, nor do I intend to write a refutation of them, rather they deserve our respect and honour for having preceded us in the good that they have put forth for the Ummah. However, I hope this serves as a reminder to them, a reminder to those who are following in their footsteps, and a reminder to others so as not to fall into the mistakes they have fallen into.

Allah (SWT) says:

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Heedlessness & Negligence

So far brother Kamil has regularly been adding a new article to his blog every month. This month’s entry is on heedlessness and negligence (al-ghaflah). From the article:

A common disease that we find among many Muslims today is the disease of Al-Ghaflah. Al-Ghaflah is the Arabic word for heedlessness or negligence, in the Islamic context it is the sin of forgetting Allah and the purpose behind one’s existence and one’s duty to Allah, and simultaneously forgetting one’s eventual abode. This phenomenon is becoming more and more widespread among many Muslims as they move further and further away from their Deen, and indulge themselves deeper into the Dunya and what it has to offer. They get taken away by the fast-paced society they live in today and become forever lost in it as the Dunya pulls them deeper into their state of Ghaflah. Allah has described such people in the Qur’an as having insight into the affairs of the Dunya while being completely heedless and negligent of the affairs of the Akhirah …

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Maintaining Our Islamic Identities

New from brother Kâmil:

The age we live in today is an age of trial and tribulation, especially for the Muslims living in the non-Muslim societies of the West. You find many of them trying to strike a balance between their Islamic and Western identities. You find that when Islam is attacked they turn to the defensive with an inner feeling of defeat as they try to show that the Islamic values are no different than the Western ones. If they are told that the Islamic political system is dictatorial they respond by trying to show it is democratic. If they are told that Islam was spread by the sword they respond that Muslims fought only to defend themselves when attacked. They present a false interpretation of Islam without realizing it, for the purpose of pleasing the non-Muslims.

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“Second Chance” at Life & He’s Worried About His Debts?!

Browsing the same local news site mentioned in my previous post, I came across this story today: “Dying” Man Goes On Massive Spending Spree – Only To Find He’s Healthy. The story tells the tale of a 62-year-old British man whose doctors diagnosed him with pancreatic cancer and told him he had about six months to live. Read more of this post