What was Osama bin-Laden for Muslims?

I just finished reading Dr. Marranci’s latest article, which he posted to his blog less than a couple hours ago. It’s a pretty interesting read, and should be especially for non-Muslims. In it, he asks the question ‘what was Usamah bin Ladin for Muslims?’ and discusses the typical Western perception of what he (may Allah have mercy on him) represents for Muslims vs. the reality. For those of you interested in reading it, I invite you to visit the Professor’s blog: What was Osama bin-Laden for Muslims? or read the article here in full after the break; up to you.

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Anders Behring Breivik: A Christian Terrorist

Anders Behring Breivik: A Christian Terrorist

By: Jalal Abualrub (www.islamlife.com)
Edited by: Aboo Ishaaq Rasheed Gonzales

To those—among them some Muslims—who might ask, “Why insert ‘Christian’ before ‘Terrorist’?”, I say, “And why not?” Have not European and American nations glued various variations of the words ‘Islam’ and ‘Muslims’ to all variations of the word ‘terror’? Why is it alright for anyone to connect Islam to terrorism because of the actions of a Muslim that violate Islamic Law, such as Prophet Muhammad’s commandment not to kill women and children [in war][1], but when it comes to a Jew who, without mercy, murders Palestinian Muslims inside a mosque or a Christian fundamentalist who murders people from his own community, they are not called Jewish or Christian terrorists and Judaism and Christianity are not connected to ‘terror’ or any of its variations?

On hearing of the Norway attacks, various western media outlets immediately started ascribing this act to Islamists or at the very least hinting to it.  It was clear, at least to them, who the culprit was: a Muslim who is practicing ‘Islamic terrorism’. That is, until his identity was uncovered bringing with it the shocking news that he is not an Islamist—whatever that means—who was targeting Norway for a few silly cartoons depicting Islam’s Prophet Muhammad[2] and a handful of soldiers shooting at Afghani and Iraqi Muslims; Norway participated in these two wars.

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Some Legal Evidences for the Conditions of Jihad

The following was taken fromthe book, al-Jihâd: Anwâ’uh wa Ahkâmuh wal-Hadd al-Fâsil Bainah wa Bain al-Fawda, by Shaikh Dr. Abu Anas Hamad bin Ibrâhîm al-‘Uthmân, a professor in the College of Sharî’ah and Islamic Studies in the University of Kuwait. I’ve only mentioned the conditions listed by the shaikh along with some of the evidences to support them from the Qur’an and the Sunnah. I’m currently working on translating at least a good deal of it, if not the whole section. That’s going to take some time though, so for now, I hope this suffices for those interested in knowing the evidences from which the scholars of the People of the Sunnah and Congregation stipulated these conditions.

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3 Old Articles PDF’d

Ok, I was bored. So what? I took three of the articles I wrote a couple of years ago against Answering-Christianity and converted them into PDFs for whoever wants them. I edited them slightly as well, changing the spellings of some of the transliterated Arabic words and other minor things here and there.

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Dr. Marranci: Terrorism in the name of Jesus? Everybody ignore

Doc Marranci’s posted a new entry, which I saw this morning in my Blog Surfer. Its title peaked my interest, so I thought I’d check it out. Lo and behold, more news that you don’t usually find on Western news outlets. Searching for this (Christian) terrorist’s name, Google only produces one hit from a Western news agency (a Time magazine article from 20 years ago, at that). I also ran a search for the guy’s name on the usual news agency sites (some of which I’ve mentioned previously) and came up with jack. At least with the Buddhist story I got a couple of results. I guess Christian terrorism isn’t very high on the Western media’s best selling stories list either.

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Weapons Found in Tibetan Temples

Whether it’s true or not, Allah is more knowledgeable, but this is news you don’t find on many Western news outlets. I don’t know if it’s that I’m not searching hard enough or what, but I haven’t been able to find this story on local news agency sites; the Globe & Mail, the Star, CityNews, the Post, CBC, the Canadian News Wire and CTV, all failed to produce any search results for me. Likewise, I was unable to find anything on BBC and CNN. I was, however, able to find (brief) mention of the story on Reuters and the Associated Press (via USA Today).

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With Which Intellect & Religion Are Bombing & Destruction Jihad?!?!

I first translated this book roughly four years ago and I’ve re-edited and revised it for publication. There are already a couple of translations of this book available online, if I’m not mistaken, but what the hey. I thought I’d post it up anyhow. Allah willing, when the QSSC site is ready for all the articles I’ve done, you’ll be able to download them and print them from there. For the time being, however, I’ve got the security settings to restrict printing on all the QSS articles (this only applies to the QSS articles I’ve posted), so you’ll have to be content with just being able to download them and save them in digital format. Sorry, folks.

With Which Intellect & Religion Are Bombing & Destruction Jihad?! Woe to you … Wake Up, O Youth!! (PDF).