What Occurred Between Imams al-Bukhari & adh-Dhuhli

In his Târîkh, al-âkim Abū ‘Abdillah said al-Bukhârî arrived at Nishapur in the year 250H and stayed [there] for a period [of time] narrating to [its] residents. He said [he] heard Muhammad bin Hâmid al-Bazzâr saying [he] heard al-Hasan bin Muhammad bin Jâbir saying [he] heard Muhammad bin Yahyâ adh-Dhuhlî saying, “Go to this knowledgeable righteous man and listen to him.” He said the people went to him and took an interest in listening to him, such that the disturbance [it caused] was evident in Muhammad bin Yahyâ’s sitting. He said after that, he began speaking about him.

Hâtim bin Ahmad bin Mahmūd said he heard Muslim bin al-Hajjâj saying [that]

when Muhammad bin Ismâ’îl arrived at Nishapur I had not seen the people of Nishapur do with a ruler or a scholar what they did with him, coming to meet him from a two or three days’ journey from the town. In his sitting, Muhammad bin Yahyâ said, “Whoever wants to meet Muhammad bin Ismâ’îl tomorrow should go meet him, for I am going to meet him.” So Muhammad bin Yahyâ and the general body of Nishapur’s scholars went to meet him. He entered the town and settled at the house of the Bukhârîs. Muhammad bin Yahyâ told us, “Do not ask him anything about [Allah’s] speech, for surely, if he were to reply with contrary to what we are upon it would sow dissension between us and him and every nâsibî, râfidî, jahmî, and murji’ in Khurasân will gloat.”

He said the people streamed into Muhammad bin Ismâ’îl until the house and the terraces were filled. When it was the second or third day from the day of his arrival a man stood to him and asked him about the articulation of the Qur’an. He [replied], “Our actions are created and our articulations are from our actions.” He said differing then occurred between the people. Some of them said he said, “My articulation of the Qur’an is created,” while some of them he did not. Differing occurred between them in that until some of them stood up to others. He said the people of the house then gathered and expelled them.

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Salafism, Do You Really Get It?

I had originally began this article a few months ago in hopes that it would be completed well before Ramadân. Circumstances however, have prevented its completion until fairly recently. I’ve been waiting on some feedback from some brothers I sent the completed article to before; so far only a few brothers have responded with their input. I thought, however, that I’d post it now despite not hearing back from some of them, since most of the feedback I was getting while working on it was fairly positive.

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Is It Really Being Careless?

(PDF Version)

One of my wife’s friends recently sent her an email containing an article produced by the Canadian Council of Muslim Theologians titled, Is It Really Worth Being Careless?. The article deals with the never dying issue revolving around lawful and forbidden foods. It is presented in a question and answer format with questions based on some of the issues raised in the on-going debate of what’s lawful and what’s forbidden. The article is basically a scare-mongering tactic by some of the Deobandi Hanafîs here and not only implicates non-Muslim distributers and retailers selling “halâl” food, but Muslim retailers and distributers as well. My wife’s friend wanted to know if one particular part of the article was correct. The passage she was asking about reads:

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Is the Limbs’ Deed Included in Faith’s Root?

As previously mentioned, I’ve finally finished the latest article I’ve been working on; again, may Allah reward my “better half” for helping proofread it (we finished that this morning).

Is the Limbs’ Deed Included in Faith’s Root? (PDF) is an excerpt from the end of Shaikh Ahmad bin Salih az-Zahrani‘s Sharh Alfâdh as-Salaf wa Naqd Alfâdh al-Khalaf fî Haqîqah al-Îmân (Explaining the Wordings of the Predecessors and Invalidating the Wordings of the Successors regarding the Reality of Faith). It’s the third such excerpt I’ve translated from this truly beneficial book (the other two being: Faith is Not a Single Reality and Faith is Two Faiths), which will hopefully be translated in full one day, with Allah’s permission.

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Ibn Hajar on the Definition of Faith

Here’s an interesting quote I came across; may Allah reward the brother who directed me to it with good.

In explaining Imam al-Bukhârî’s statement, “It is statement (qawl) and action (fi’l), and it increases and decreases,” Hâfidh Ibn Hajar states (emphasis added),

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