Finkelstein-Dershowitz Debate

This is an old debate. I had first came to know of it last year after finding one viewer’s impression of the Finkelstein-Dershowitz debate posted on Norm Finkelstein’s website, which I found absolutely hilarious. I tried looking for a full video of the debate back when I first found the post on Finelstein’s site, but gave up after a short search.

Last night, my buddy Moez sent me a link from Google Video of the entire debate. I haven’t watched the entire thing just yet (going to watch it after I post this), but I thought I’d post the videos here for your viewing enjoyment.

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Is It Really Being Careless?

(PDF Version)

One of my wife’s friends recently sent her an email containing an article produced by the Canadian Council of Muslim Theologians titled, Is It Really Worth Being Careless?. The article deals with the never dying issue revolving around lawful and forbidden foods. It is presented in a question and answer format with questions based on some of the issues raised in the on-going debate of what’s lawful and what’s forbidden. The article is basically a scare-mongering tactic by some of the Deobandi Hanafîs here and not only implicates non-Muslim distributers and retailers selling “halâl” food, but Muslim retailers and distributers as well. My wife’s friend wanted to know if one particular part of the article was correct. The passage she was asking about reads:

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3 Old Articles PDF’d

Ok, I was bored. So what? I took three of the articles I wrote a couple of years ago against Answering-Christianity and converted them into PDFs for whoever wants them. I edited them slightly as well, changing the spellings of some of the transliterated Arabic words and other minor things here and there.

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Quote … Unquote … no. 1

Nothing is more feeble than a scholar whose knowledge the people abandoned due to the corruption of his way and an ignorant [person] whose ignorance the people accepted due to their looking to his worship.

al-Khatîb al-Baghdâdî
Iqtidâ’ al-‘Ilm al-‘Amal, pg. 14.

What can you say … ??? Another Reply to Sami Zaatari

Note: this article has since been taken down from by brother Jalal Abualrub due to the fact that brother Sami has made amends and has vowed to defend Islam, the Sunnah, and the Prophet. At Osama Abdallah’s request, I have also decided to remove it from my blog. As such, any copies of it floating around should not be used to attack or criticise brother Sami.

Osama Abdallah, Arrogance, Ignorance, Obstinacy

Note: this article has been taken down from by brother Jalal Abualrub due to the fact that brother Osama has made amends with Jalal; he posted an apology to Jalal on his site, which you can read here; may Allah reward and bless him for doing the right thing. At Osama’s request, I have also decided to remove this article from my blog. As such, if any copies of this article are still floating around, it should not be used to attack or criticise brother Osama, since he no longer ascribes to the views he expressed within my articles against him; and Allah is more knowledgeable.