Yahya Ibrahim: Shaykhs Need Advice, Too

Much thanks to brother Kamil for sending me this email; may Allah reward and bless him. It’s a nice short piece written by brother Yahya Ibrahim; may Allah reward and bless him; and I thought I’d share it with those of you who still visit my blog (despite the inactivity). I hope and pray that we all benefit from what Yahya’s mentioned; it’s quite a beautiful story and reminder.

Writes Yahya:

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Key to Paradise in Review: Part 1

As I said a couple of entries ago, I would jot down my thoughts about the recent conference we just had @ QSSC with Shaikh ‘Alî bin Hasan al-Halabî of Jordan and post them up for you eager beavers when I could get some time for it.

To those who were waiting to hear about how the conference went, I apologize for the long delay. As you know (that is, if you’re a regular visitor to my blog and actually read the blog entries), I’ve had my mind elsewhere trying to finish an article I had been working on for some time, as well as starting a new article (which will also probably take a long time to complete) due to some things that have come up that need addressing.

I’ll try to remember what I can regarding the details of the conference and whatever else I can remember from the shaikh’s visit. Hopefully, I remember enough about what went on to make this read worth your while. If not, then again, I apologize.

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The Foundation of Deeds

By Shaikh ‘Alî bin Hasan al-Halabî

About our Prophet, may Allah send salutations and peace upon him, our Lord, blessed and exalted is He, said, «If you obeyed him, you would be guided» (24:54).

He, glorified is He, said, «He does not speak from desire; it is only a revelation revealed» (53:3-4).

He, may Allah send salutations and peace upon him, said, «Indeed, I was given the Qur’an together with its like» [Abū Dâwud (4604), Ahmad (vol. 4, pg. 131), al-Âjjurî (pg. 51), and ad-Dârimî (vol. 1, pg. 144); from al-Miqdâm bin Ma’dî Karib with an authentic chain].

It is not hidden to any of the Muslims that the guidance of the Prophet, may Allah send salutations and peace upon him, is comprehensive for all the branches of the people’s lives, whether religiously or worldly. In following his guidance is prosperity and power; in emulation of it is victory and authority; in opposing it is defeat and loss; and in deviating from its Sharî’ah is humiliation and ruin.

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Walk the Walk or Shut Up, Quit Fakin’ the Funk(?!?!)

(PDF Version)

I recently took part in a discussion in the comments section to Umar Lee’s blog under an entry titled Movies and pretending like you don’t go. Some of the comments made to this entry are what prompted me to write this one.

In the post written by Umar, he was criticizing brothers and sisters who criticized another brother for posting up a review about the movie 300 that was recently released in theatres earlier this month. The brother who wrote the review (who I won’t name here) was apparently chastised for writing the review and was pressured to take it down by some “Muslim phonies (who [Umar’s] sure were watching TV as they were typing)” —how he’s so certain of that, only Allah knows. The brother then posted an apology for the review, which has subsequently been taken down as well (I haven’t read the brother’s blog myself, this info is strictly from what was mentioned on Umar’s blog).

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