What was Osama bin-Laden for Muslims?

I just finished reading Dr. Marranci’s latest article, which he posted to his blog less than a couple hours ago. It’s a pretty interesting read, and should be especially for non-Muslims. In it, he asks the question ‘what was Usamah bin Ladin for Muslims?’ and discusses the typical Western perception of what he (may Allah have mercy on him) represents for Muslims vs. the reality. For those of you interested in reading it, I invite you to visit the Professor’s blog: What was Osama bin-Laden for Muslims? or read the article here in full after the break; up to you.

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The History of Oil

As the caption on GoogleVideo reads, “Robert Newman tactfully documents the real story of the politics of oil … .” Much thanks to brother AbdulHaq of SalafiManhaj.com for emailing me the link to this film.

There isn’t a lot mentioned in Newman‘s presentation that I haven’t heard already (I’ve already read various articles discussing the things he mentions on sites like Information Clearing House and whatREALLYhappened), but it’s still a pretty good watch. The film’s about 45mins long, so for those of you who don’t like sitting through long videos, you’ll have to suffer for a bit to enjoy this one. For those of you who like this kind of stuff, it’d say it’s worth the watch. It doesn’t hurt that Newman’s pretty funny either.

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With Which Intellect & Religion Are Bombing & Destruction Jihad?!?!

I first translated this book roughly four years ago and I’ve re-edited and revised it for publication. There are already a couple of translations of this book available online, if I’m not mistaken, but what the hey. I thought I’d post it up anyhow. Allah willing, when the QSSC site is ready for all the articles I’ve done, you’ll be able to download them and print them from there. For the time being, however, I’ve got the security settings to restrict printing on all the QSS articles (this only applies to the QSS articles I’ve posted), so you’ll have to be content with just being able to download them and save them in digital format. Sorry, folks.

With Which Intellect & Religion Are Bombing & Destruction Jihad?! Woe to you … Wake Up, O Youth!! (PDF).

Saudi Arabia: Rehabilitating Jihadists

Many thanks to brother AbdulHaq for sending this link out. Pretty interesting video on Saudi Arabia’s rehab program for rehabilitation of jihadists and excommunicationists (takfîrîs).