as-Sadlan on Labelling Others

Shaikh Sâlih bin Ghânim as-Sadlân, may Allah protect and preserve him, was asked about some statements that were attributed to him regarding Shaikhs Salmân al-‘Awdah, ‘Â’id al-Qarnî, and Safar al-Hawâlî. He replied with the following comment,

In Allah’s name, the Merciful, the Compassionate.

The praise is Allah’s, Lord of the worlds, and may Allah send salutations upon our Prophet, Muhammad, and upon his family and his companions, collectively.

These words attributed to me, that I say about these shaikhs [that they are] liberals, and they are ‘Â’id al-Qarnî, Salmân al-‘Awdah, and Safar al-Hawâlî. These are my brothers, and I am fully acquainted with them. I say, however, that the people speak about them and this is an error. Dividing the shaikhs into such and such, and into such, for example:  Jâmî, and into Tablîghî, into Ahbâbî or liberal or others from the labels, all of these should not prevail among the students of knowledge, specifically in this land, in which the revivalist call, the call of Shaikh Muhammad bin ‘Abdil-Wahhâb is found.

All of the people of knowledge are entrusted, if Allah, exalted is He, wills, except what is established with certainty, containing no doubt, upon him is either with a [piece of] his writing or with a emphasized statement, and not containing hesitation or other than that, so with it, perhaps also, with it his statement is accepted and abandoned.

Then also, with relation to me, I do not have specialization in knowledge of the labels, specifically, those labels that are in a foreign language, for these we do not recognize their dimensions, but we recognize the Arabic language and its meanings and the variety of its expressions, in this, we have knowledge. As for the foreign languages, then I cite these utterances by way of regret for those who use this thing, for those who say “so and so is sururî, so and so is jâmî, so and so is such, so and so is such, and this call is such and such.

It is befitting that–nay, it is incumbent on the leaders, specifically those concerned with these matters, to hold these [people] responsible for their words and clarify to them it is not for them to speak about this and to stop the likes of these things, and whoever persists upon the likes of this, then he deserves the reward (i.e., the punishment).



Salafism, Do You Really Get It?

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A Tempest In a Teapot?

Shaikh Muhammad Hassân Is Not a Tempest In a Teapot, translated from an article posted on, contains a transcription of a recorded telelink between Shaikhs Muhammad Hassân (of Egypt) and Mash·hūr Hasan Salmân (of Jordan) in which Shaikh Mash·hūr asks Shaikh Muhammad Hassân some questions regarding his views on various contemporary methodological issues.