We Can’t Answer Him So Keep Away From That Guy!!!

[ Edit: I added links to the YouTube videos mentioned in the post. Also note that MuslimVlogGuy deleted his comments to my video some time ago–good thing I got screen caps, lol. ]

Earlier this week (Monday) I received a private message on Facebook from one of my buddies telling me of some self-deluded exaggerationist wannabe vanguards of Salafism warning others to keep away from me on Twitter. Being that I don’t have a Twitter account, I had to do a bit of searching to find the tweets. Here’s the exchange that took place (on all images in this post, click to enlarge to actual size):

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Arabic Hard for the Brain?!

Not so says Riyad Nadwi, director of the Oxford Cross-Cultural Research Institute. Thanks to Abdulhaq from SalafiManhaj.com for sending me the article.

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They Mention Some, But Not the Rest

Here’s another look at the intellectual and academic dishonesty committed by the exaggerators from among those who attribute themselves to Salafism, They Mention Some, But Not the Rest: Yet Another Example of Academic Dishonesty From the Self-Appointed Vanguards of Salafism. From the article:

In his Iqtidâ’ asSirât al-Mustaqîm, Shaikh of Islam Ibn Taimiyyah, may Allah have mercy on him, relates that “’Abdur-Rahman bin Mahdî and others said [that] the people of knowledge write what is for them and what is against them, while the people of desires do not write except what is for them.”

Despite the fact that these people go on about the gravity of hiding knowledge and information from the public, looking at their behaviour, we find innumerable examples that give credence to what Shaikh of Islam, may Allah have mercy on him, mentions. I wrote about one such example recently in an article I titled, Making Moosaa’s Mountain Out Of Bilal’s Molehill, in which I pointed out the intellectual and academic dishonesty displayed by Moosaa Richardson in his criticism of a supposedly “dangerous mistake” he accused Dr. Bilal Philips of making in one of his published books.

The other week, I came across yet another example of academic dishonesty, which these people continually display time and time again. This time, the example comes from a salafitalk.net poster who posted a couple of links to the sahab.net Arabic discussion forum. The poster simply posts the links and provides a brief description before each, both in Arabic and in English; the first: “The support of ash-Shaykh Muhammad Bazmool for the critique of his brother ash-Shaykh Ahmad on Ali al-Halabee,” and the second: “Ash-Shaykh Muhammad Bazmool: The Refutations of ash-Shaykh Ahmad Bazmool denotes that al-Halabi has deviated from the Manhaj of the Salaf.” Now, given the fact that many of salafitalk.net’s readers are English speakers who don’t know much Arabic—if any at all—there’s a good chance that none of them will actually come to know what’s contained in the two links. Despite that, the poster doesn’t provide his audience with a translation, summarized or otherwise, of what’s mentioned in the two posts. The result, of course, is that the readers are left with the obvious impression he and the previous posters to the thread (e.g., Maaz Qureshi or whoever it is posting under the name “SunnahPublishing.Net”) wishes their audience to get: ‘Alî al-Halabî is a deviant who has strayed from the Salafî methodology and should be avoided like the plague.

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Yahya Ibrahim: Shaykhs Need Advice, Too

Much thanks to brother Kamil for sending me this email; may Allah reward and bless him. It’s a nice short piece written by brother Yahya Ibrahim; may Allah reward and bless him; and I thought I’d share it with those of you who still visit my blog (despite the inactivity). I hope and pray that we all benefit from what Yahya’s mentioned; it’s quite a beautiful story and reminder.

Writes Yahya:

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Salafism, Do You Really Get It?

I had originally began this article a few months ago in hopes that it would be completed well before Ramadân. Circumstances however, have prevented its completion until fairly recently. I’ve been waiting on some feedback from some brothers I sent the completed article to before; so far only a few brothers have responded with their input. I thought, however, that I’d post it now despite not hearing back from some of them, since most of the feedback I was getting while working on it was fairly positive.

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Newsweek: Why Fears Of A Muslim Takeover Are All Wrong

Much thanks to Abdulhaq from SalafiManhaj.com for showing me this article. It’s a pretty good read on dispelling a notion that is being propagated by alarmists hostile towards Muslims and Islam (this video is just one such example of the propaganda that’s out there). Titled Why Fears Of A Muslim Takeover Are All Wrong, it puts things into perspective.

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Walk the Walk or Shut Up, Quit Fakin’ the Funk(?!?!)

(PDF Version)

I recently took part in a discussion in the comments section to Umar Lee’s blog under an entry titled Movies and pretending like you don’t go. Some of the comments made to this entry are what prompted me to write this one.

In the post written by Umar, he was criticizing brothers and sisters who criticized another brother for posting up a review about the movie 300 that was recently released in theatres earlier this month. The brother who wrote the review (who I won’t name here) was apparently chastised for writing the review and was pressured to take it down by some “Muslim phonies (who [Umar’s] sure were watching TV as they were typing)” —how he’s so certain of that, only Allah knows. The brother then posted an apology for the review, which has subsequently been taken down as well (I haven’t read the brother’s blog myself, this info is strictly from what was mentioned on Umar’s blog).

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