22nd Annual QSS Convention Update

For those wondering what’s going on with the conference …

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22nd Annual QSS Convention

It’s that time of year again … although, a little later than we’ve been used to in past years due to Hajj season (which is just around the corner) …

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Rumour Has It … (Updated)

… Shaikh Khâlid al-‘Anbarî will be coming to visit us here in Toronto near the end of December (2008) around or during the Christmas holidays. This will be the shaikh’s second visit to Toronto to give lectures; he was last here in February of this year.

Stay posted for updates to see if this rumour becomes reality in the upcoming days or weeks.

Update (Nov. 4th):

… through the grapevine is that Shaikhs ‘Alî al-Halabî, Usâmah al-Qūsî, and Abū Sa’îd al-Jazâ’irî will be joining Shaikh Khâlid for this December conference.

Keep posted!

London, UK, Here I Come!

I’ll be heading over the pond to visit the in-laws in London, UK. I leave tonight, arriving @ Gatwick airport tomorrow morning. I will be staying (primarily in East London) for about 40 (!!) days (hehe), returning to Toronto during the first week of September.

I know I haven’t been posting too frequently, but since my mother and father-in-laws don’t have internet access at their home, it’ll probably be a while longer before I post another article or something. I’ll be bringing my laptop over with me though, so hopefully, I’ll be able to get some “work” done and have some new articles translated for your reading enjoyment. The laptop needs to be repaired though, so if any of you know of brothers who can repair laptops for cheap in East London, don’t hesitate to give me a shout; I think the FL inverter board or something needs to be replaced … screen works, but it’s very dark—practically black. If I can get it working properly, I should be able to get some stuff translated while I’m over there.

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