It’s A Goat, Even If It Flies!!!

Well, that didn’t take too long. At the beginning of Abu Usamah’s piece commenting on Rabi’ al-Madkhali’s recent statement about merely being a critic and not an imam in the science of disparagement and accreditation, he asked the question,

I await to see what the response is going to be from those who have taken him as the undisputed authority in every aspect of the Deen?

Will they apply their normal spin to his words and take them as merely an example of his humility that shows and indicates he is in fact THE IMAM of this science that the scholars of yesterday said ONLY A SELECT FEW WERE CONSIDERED TO BE COMPETENT AND CAPABLE ENOUGH OF DELVING INTO THIS FIELD?

As expected, the exaggerationists obliged in kind and promptly scrambled to carry out some sort of “damage control”, easily living up to the moniker I’ve given them. Take this image of a message that had made its rounds shortly after the audio recording of Rabi’ al-Madkhali’s statement and its translation by was released:

Oh no! Quick, cover your eyes, plug your ears!

Then there’s also this audio recording of a rather emotional statement made by Abul-Hasan Maalik the Green that was promptly sent out by the brothers at TROID.

In response to this, Abu Usamah Atthahabi has written another piece–which can be read after the jump–specifically commenting on the exaggerationism displayed by Maalik in this recording. Enjoy!

It’s A Goat, Even If It Flies!

Since Abu Hasan Malik (may Allah forgive us) used Sheikh Naasir’s (ra) kalaam and his praise of Sheikh Rabee’ (may Allah give him Shifaa and prolong his life on Khair) as one of the pinnacle points of his emotional TIRADE and excessive screaming, I would like to address an observation that is easily observed and recognizable from the teachings and Dawah of al-Albaani (ra).

From the Barakaat and benefit of the Dawah of THE RABBAANY scholar, Sheikh Naasir al-Albaani (ra) is the fact he use to repeat the same thing throughout his life.

An example of this is that you will find in many of the ‘knowledge based’ sittings that were recorded by Abu Leilah al-Athary (may Allah reward him) you will hear Sheikh Naasir (ra) repeating over and over again the famous statement of the Arabs/ppl…

‘From the most difficult things to accomplish is trying to CLARIFY WHAT IS ALREADY CLEAR (Tawdeeh-ul-Waadihaat).

I think most BALANCED and UN-BIASED Salafis have found it pretty easy to understand the recent words of Sheikh Rabee’ (may Allah reward him for his efforts).

The problem with Abu Hasan – as well as the other ppl of fanatical Hizbiyyah such as the Sufis/Brailwees/Deobandees/Ikhwaanis/Hizbul Tahreer/Jihaadis and others – is they ARE NOT balanced and THEY ARE extremely biased.

As such, you will find they many times interpret events in a warped and disjointed fashion.

For instance, when you tell the Sufis/Brailwees/Deobandees that it is not permissible to celebrate the Prophet’s (peace be upon him) birthday or that his is not omni-present (Haadhir Naadhir) or that he does not know the unseen and that he was a mere mortal (that revelation came to) and therefore he died and does not deserve to be worshiped.

Amazingly they are quick to respond to those REALITIES and TRUTHS by unashamedly stating YOU DON’T LOVE RASOOLALAH (?????) for saying such a thing!

If you tell the Ikhwaani that Sayyid Qutb/Hasan al-Banna (may Allah grant them forgiveness) were not scholars and their Manhaj and ‘Aqeedah were wanting (to say the least) and you should refrain from calling them ‘Shaheed’ whenever you mention their names the person will retort by saying, ‘You are a secularist and you want to be ruled by secularism!

Telling the ill equipped and ignorant person who is fanatical and emotional about Jihad and establishing the Khilaafah (something every Muslim should embrace as being an integral part of this Deen) that establishing the Khilaafah and performing Jihad has its proper place, time and conditions and it is not just merely killing ppl or shouting empty slogans.

You will find the Jihadi/Hizbul Tahreer Hizby claiming you are working with the CIA/FBI/MI5/MI6 as a rat/stool/grass and you don’t want to see the Khilaafah established and you don’t understand al-Walaa wa-Baraa and you’re a coward and afraid of the Kuffar!!!

This is what Hizbiyyah and Ghaloo does to the mind of a person.

It makes him lose sense of reality and it causes him to speak without knowledge and to follow his desires and reject the CLEAR TRUTH when it is presented to him in a clear and concise way.

Sheikh-ul-Islam Ibn Taymiyyah (ra) wrote in his refutation against al-Akhnaaee (pg 441):

‘As for the superiority – that some attribute to others – in many instances, (those who do it) are not free from speaking without knowledge and from FOLLOWING THEIR DESIRES and Shaytaan plays an enormous role in this regard’.

And did Bani Adam fall into ascribing partners to Allah except as a direct result of the excessive Ghaloo that they fell into concerning their Saaliheen (may Allah give us al-‘Aafiyah and as-Salaamah)…

With that said I would like to address and try to clarify a few issues that arose after hearing the ranting and raving of AHM’s (may Allah forgive us) recent Kalaam.

Jaabir ibn Abdullah (may Allah be pleased with him) said:

‘When the Prophet (peace be upon him) GAVE THE KHUTBAH his eyes became red and his voice rose and his ANGER INCREASED as if he was warning against the enemy’. Sahih Muslim

I don’t want to be petty or unfair by making this point but I do think it’s relative and pertinent.

Generally speaking, I don’t have a problem with someone who speaks passionately in a regular dars (not to mention a Khutbah) or who feels a need to raise or lower his voice and to change his demeanor in order to get a point across.

But I do find fault with the one who goes overboard. The one who screams unnecessarily or who is extremely irate, angry and OTT.

While speaking, a public orator should never go OVER BOARD in his anger and passion and it is something that has been criticized by those who have written books about the ‘good/effective Khateeb.

Plus, we don’t find the Prophet (peace be upon him) doing it or his companions (may Allah be pleased with them all) or the Salaf.

My observation of AHM’s Kalaam and what makes me categorize and describe his SPEECH as containing Ghaloo for Sheikh Rabee’ (ha) is that he was OVERBOARD in his anger and passion and you only find him doing this when it comes to Sheikh Rabee’!!!

He spoke about and acknowledged the virtues of al-Albaani (ra) and his position and how it was al-Albaani who was the one who said that Sheikh Rabee’ (ha) was the FLAG BEARER (?) of the science of J&T and therefore the title carries some weight with it and as such the issue should be taken up with al-Albaani if someone has a problem with it!

We will come to that – IA – but my question here is if HE TRULY sees al-Albaani (ra) in such a positive light and he TRULY holds him and his opinions in such high regard and esteem, than where was all of that passion and anger when some of the foolish ones NEGATED the fact he was even a scholar of Hadith and incompetent in grading Hadith?

Or when they NEGATED his scholastic aptitude due to the fact he didn’t have any teachers and therefore he did not possess any Fiqh whatsoever?

Or even worse, where was all of that passion and anger when they NEGATED the fact that Sheikh Naasir (ra) was even a person of the Sunnah and they went as far as describing him as being from the Murjiaah?

No one NEGATED the virtues of Sheikh Rabee’ (ra)… ppl simply AFFIRMED and accepted what he said about himself and they embraced the good advice that he gave to Salafis to stop all of the infighting between themselves as a result of this Ghaloo in the Deen.

Abu Hasan’s (may Allah guide him) MISPLACED emotions remind me of how some Hanafi ppl will jump up and down in anger and rage if you simply mention the statements of the Muhadditheen concerning the GREAT IMAM Abu Hanifah (ra) being weak in Hadith but they remain silent, meek and weak when the companions are cursed!

Here’s a hilarious/sad/disturbing debate between Sheikh Adnan ‘Aroor (ha) and a Rafidi person. When Sheikh Adnan asked a HYPOTHETICAL question concerning someone who curses the wife of the Mahdi, the man gets upset, irate, passionate and he then starts to rant and rave….

But when it was about the wife of the Prophet (peace be upon him) and how some Shias say terrible things about her (may Allah be pleased with her) the man was as calm as a cucumber and he was not so hot and bothered!

So let’s not have DOUBLE STANDARDS when using Sheikh al-Albaani’s (ra) words and Tazkiyaats for ppl.

As we mentioned earlier, Sheikh Naasir (ha) said Sheikh Rabee’ was the carrier (not AN IMAM or THE IMAM of the science) of the flag due to his PRAISE WORTHY stance against some ppl who were in opposition to the correct methodology.

A short time after this praise Sheikh Naasir (ha) ALSO CRITICIZED HIM for being too harsh and for over indulging in the issue of criticizing ppl who were actually ppl who ascribed to as-Salafiyyah (just as Sheikh Abd-Muhsin did)!

So now I ask, should we show our love, respect and honor for al-Albaani (ra) and we UNCONDITIONALLY rely on his Tazkiyyahs when it comes to Sheikh Rabee’ (and those we like)?

And do we reject his Tazkiyyahs – UNCONDITIONALLY – that he gave for ppl who we don’t like, like his MANY Tazkiyyaats for his student Sheikh Ali al-Halabi (ha) who is at odds with Sheikh Rabee’ at this very moment.

Due to the Ghaloo, anyone who does not take Sheikh Rabee’s position/opinion concerning Ali al-Halabi is deemed to be astray and off the manhaj???

Another issue is Abu Hasan’s understanding that ppl are saying all of Sheikh Rabee’s criticisms of ppl should be rejected due to him REJECTING the Ghaloo that ppl want to insist upon having concerning him!

I’m not sure where he got that from? But as I previously said, BALANCED ppl who are Salafi don’t understand the issue that way.

We all – IA – accept the position that Sheikh Rabee’ (ha) deserves in the Dawah. We’ve mentioned clearly that he stood up at a critical time and he was vocal at a time when many were quiet.

It’s similar to Ustadh Muhammad ibn Haadi al-Madkhali (ha) as well.

We were proud of him during our days in the University in Medinah (especially in our faculty of Dawah).

He was not afraid to stand up for Ahlul Hadith and as-Salafiyyah at a crucial time… it was a time of REAL FITNAH (the Gulf War/Safar/Salman/agitating the shabbab against the Ulemah/Hukkaam).

The issue today is the excessive criticizing that is going on and the way ppl of the Sunnah are being targeted by their Dawah where no one who disagrees with their points of views and Ijtihaads are safe from scorn and attacks.

It is the same observation that Sheikh Abd-Muhsin (ha) made and addressed in Rifqan Ahlus Sunnah…. so i’m not saying anything new…. it’s clear and not in need of any further clarification.

So no one rejects the correct views that come from Sheikh Rabee and his negating himself being an Imam of J&T does not render his statements of truth as being false but the person who is fanatical for his Sheikh/group has a disjointed understanding of events… He makes Lawaazims that are not there as AHM (may Allah forgive him) has done here.

Lastly, I do see it as a sign of humility that Sheikh Rabee’ (ha) said what he said (he is not an Imam of J&T) and although it was humble on his part, that does not meant it’s not true!!!

It’s disturbing that someone would still try to come and ‘explain his words away’ and try to make his words appear as if he was simply being humble!!!

There were just too many points in the Sheikh’s (ra) Kalaam that clearly showed his clarification and advice goes beyond him just being humble.

It was simply a weak and feeble attempt by Abu Hasan (may Allah forgive him) to put a SPIN on the situation – JUST AS MANY OF US SUSPECTED would happen – and he did not let us down!

He tried to make a mountain out of a molehill and that’s all it was.. all of that anger, passion and those tirades were unwarranted and ridiculous.

Clarifying what is already clear is difficult Ikhwaan…

As al-Albaani (ra) said about himself, he is just a small student of knowledge…

His words are true – by the Lord of the Kaba – if you compare him to the Imams like Maalik, al-Awzaa’ee, ad-Darqutnee and al-Khateeb al-Baghdaady (may Allah have mercy upon them).

The same holds true for Sheikh al-Fawzaan and Sheikh Muqbil (may Allah protect them).

They are only students of ‘Ilm and not strong IN COMPARISON to the Imams of the past like Imam Ahmed (who stood up for the Quran almost by himself) and Imam Abd-‘Azeez al-Kanaani (who went to al-Iraq by himself and debated the ppl of innovation and defeated them by Allah’s permission).

But in comparison to us and the ppl of this time, then clearly they are who they are and it’s as simple as that because it’s so clear.

al-Albaani (ra) use to tell the story of two guys who use to always debate about things.

One was knowledgeable and humble and the other one was ignorant and stubborn.

No matter what proofs were presented to the ARROGANT and STUBBORN one he would find some reason to reject it and to explain it away.

One day, a bird landed in the distant horizon and the one with ‘Ilm, humility and common sense said ‘It’s a bird’.

Being true to his argumentative nature the stubborn one said ‘It’s a goat’ and he was insisting it was clearly a goat and he proceeded to present his proofs that showed it was a goat (out of all things).

When the bird finally spread its wings and flew away in the sky the one with common sense said, ‘Didn’t I tell you it was a bird’?

The ARROGANT and STUBBORN one looked him squarley in the eyes and without flinching or blinking said ‘It’s a goat, EVEN IF IT FLYS!!! (‘Anazah Wa Low Taarat).

May Allah have mercy upon Sheikh Naasir al-Albaani (ra).


About Rasheed Gonzales
My name is Rasheed Gonzales. I’m a Muslim convert of Filipino descent. Born and raised in Toronto, Canada, I was guided to Islam through one of my younger brothers and a couple of friends, all of whom had converted to Islam sometime before me (may Allah reward them greatly). I am married with four children (and the praise is Allah’s) and also a volunteer for the Qur'an & Sunnah Society of Canada, based in Toronto.

2 Responses to It’s A Goat, Even If It Flies!!!

  1. idris says:

    This is good information They are being exposed to the core It’s about time so many families and friendships have been destroyed because these ignorant people

  2. Abu talha says:

    someone should get a clarification from Mr. Rabee on his statement as well as some details on the many things he has/may have said which fall into what he is now rejecting. Otherwise, this game can be played for a while still. Either way, to me, it’s spilled milk. Though there may have been some benefit to all this. WHo knows. ALLAHU a’lam.

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