Shaikh Rabi’ IS NOT an Imam of Jarh & Ta’dil

A couple days ago I received an email from my dear friend, Abu Usamah Atthahabi, with the subject line “Re: Sheikh Rabee’ IS NOT an Imam of Jarh Wa Ta’deel“. It’s not often that he sends out long emails like this one, so although the subject of Rabi bin Hadi al-Madkhali is one that I find tired and old, I thought I’d read it and see what was up.

With young new exaggerationists popping up constantly, I thought it might be good to share what Abu Usamah had to say on my blog. Although the readership numbers to my blog have died down due to my inactivity, perhaps his thoughts might find their way to people’s screens than they would being forwarded from recipient to recipient through email.

May Allah reward Abu Usamah immensely for his attempts at fairness and levelheadedness.

For those who want some backstory to the email, the subject line of Abu Usamah’s email is in reference to the statement from Rabi’ al-Madkhali found in the YouTube video before the email, both below the jump (email is without any editing done on my part–you read it as I received it).

From: Abu Usamah Atthahabi
Date: Sun, Dec 15, 2013 at 6:05 PM
Subject: Re: Sheikh Rabee’ IS NOT an Imam of Jarh Wa Ta’deel

After Sheikh Rabee’ (ha) has recently PUBLICLY come out and dispelled the myth that he is an Imam of al-Jarh Wa Ta’deel (not to mention THE IMAM of this HIGHLY specialized science) I await to see what the response is going to be from those who have taken him as the undisputed authority in every aspect of the Deen?

Will they apply their normal spin to his words and take them as merely an example of his humility that shows and indicates he is in fact THE IMAM of this science that the scholars of yesterday said ONLY A SELECT FEW WERE CONSIDERED TO BE COMPETENT AND CAPABLE ENOUGH OF DELVING INTO THIS FIELD?

Or will they do what Sheikh Muhammad Haadi al-Madkhali (may Allah forgive us all) did recently when he made a severe blunder caused by Ghaloo by making the ludicrous and unsupported/unsubstantiated statement […anyone who does not visit the Sheikh while on Hajj/Umrah and he does not have a good excuse for not doing so then he is Maghmoos (?) and those who are Salafi will look at him (in a funny way, or with suspicion about his Salafiyyah)?

How many ‘ULEMAH visit Mecca and they are held in higher esteem and more knowledgable than Sheikh Rabee’, and yet they don’t visit him! Do they fall under MHM’s description?

How many Saalihoon, Mukhlisoon, ‘Aabidoon from the ‘Awaam go to Mecca and they don’t visit the Sheikh while being there! Does Sheikh MHM (may Allah forgive us) consider them to be Maghmoseen for not doing so and do ppl who ascribe to Salafiyyah have the right to look at them in a way that suggest there is some problem with their Salafiyyah?

It was nothing more than a gross error and an unfortunate mistake on the part of Sheikh Muhammad Haadi al-Madkhali (may Allah forgive us all) and it simply required him to ‘repent’ from it and rectify the issue and encourage the youth to turn to the MAJOR ‘ULEMAH in the affairs of their Deen.

Personally, I was not shocked or astonished (as some of you were) by the feeble attempt of Moosa Richardson (may Allah guide him to being balanced, fair and just) when he sent out an email lambasting and blaming ppl for not having Husn Dhun for Sheikh Muhammad Haadi al-Madkhali and taking the time out to call him up and ask him what he actually meant when he made this blunder.

The ambidextrous double standards and method of Moosa Richardson has long been one of the many trademarks and Seemaat/Sifaat of the ppl of Ghaloo.

If a person says he saw (read) in Abu Bakr (may Allah be pleased with him) that which does not allow him to take EVERYTHING that he did/said we don’t find the Ghulaat making excuses or having Husnu Dhan as to what the person meant!

Although the person has publicly retracted the statement – time and time again – and although the intent of the statement was explained and clarified – time and time again – as well as supported/accompanied BY DALEEL (no one is without mistakes except the Prophet – may Allah’s blessings be upon him).

Despite that, we see the ppl of Ghaloo still spreading amongst themselves and their poor, unsuspecting supporters the lie that the person speaks ill of Abu Bakr (may Allah be pleased with him).

Anyone and everyone who does not agree with a position that was/is held by Sheikh Rabee’ or who disagrees with his methodology in exceeding the bounds when criticizing ppl or who does not see him as AN IMAM of al-Jarh Wa Ta’deel will be labeled and attacked and excommunicated from as-Salafiyyah as if it is the property of the Juhaal.

Sheikh Bakr Abdullah Abu Zaid (ra), Sheikh Abdullah ibn Jibrin (ra), Sheikh Abdullah al-GHudaiyaan (ha) – who said the science of al-Jarh Wa Ta’deel only exist in books today -, Sheikh Abdul-Muhsin al-‘Abaad (ha), Sheikh Abdullah ibn Muhammad al-Ghunaimaan (ha), Sheikh Abdul-Kareem al-Khudair (ha), Sheikh Ibrahim ar-Ruhaily (ha), Mashour Hasan Aal Salman (ha) and Ali al-Halabi (ra) have all been targeted simply for not agreeing with EVERYTHING Sheikh Rabee’ says or opinions (and the list goes on).

And Wallahi, contrary to what many ppl may think and believe the Inhiraaf (DEVIATION) and hatred that is cultivated and then harbored and then called to that is to be found in the hearts and minds of the Ghulaat – under the guise of Salafiyyah – is not peculiar to the non Arabs who ascribe to the as-Salafiyyah.

The Ghulaat of the Arab lands ARE JUST AS BAD (if not worse).

Some of them have recently started to question the Salafiyyah of Sheikh Sa’d ibn Naasir as-Shithriy (ha) simply because HE APPEARED ON A TV PROGRAM ????????? WITH Sheikh Abul Hasan al-Ma’rabi (ha) and Sheikh Abdul-Maalik Ramadaani (ha).

As for what al-Imam al-Albaani (ra) said when he offered that Sheikh Rabee’ was the CARRIER of the flag of al-Jarh Wa Ta’deel, then it was clear what the Khaadim of the Sunnah (ra) meant by those words.

His words clearly meant Sheikh Rabee’ (as he said about himself in the latest clip) criticized a few specific ppl and he defended Salafiyyah and the Haqq at a time that was critical and he is to be appreciated, thanked and praised for that.

But it should also be known that Sheikh Naasir (ra) also criticized the harshness of Sheikh Rabee’ (may Allah forgive all of us) and those who were upon his way AFTER HIS STATEMENT AND PRAISE FOR HIM about being the carrier of the flag of al-Jarh Wa Ta’deel (something the Ghulaat conveniently choose to sweep under the carpet).

I don’t think anyone who is in his right mind or who has been blessed with an iota of intelligence and basic Islamic ‘Ilm would think the words of Sheikh Naasir (ra) should be understood that Sheikh Rabee’:

* Is AN IMAM (not to mention THE IMAN) of al-Jarh Wa Ta’deel during these times!

* Or that everyone’s words are accepted or rejected expect the words of the Prophet (peace be upon him) and the words of SHEIKH RABEE’…

* Or EVERYONE can be TRIED and TESTED (unconditionally) based upon their Walaa and Baraa or their agreeing or disagreeing with the Ijtihaads of Sheikh Rabee’.

* Or by not visiting Sheikh Rabee’ in his house in Mecca and not having a valid reason (?) for not going – then this is a clear indication that a person is Maghmoos and other Salafis are not blamed for looking at him funny/with suspicions!!!

* Or that Sheikh Rabee’ is without mistakes in Manhaj (?)…

* Or whenever he speaks about someone we do not have to see his Daleel as his words are sufficient!

And a catalog of other absurd and ludicrous statements that have come out of the mouths of ppl you would never expect to hear such things from them (not to mention what comes out of the mouths of those who can’t recognize the Noon as-Saakin if it fell out of the sky and hit them dead, smack on the noodle)!

In closing, I bring to your attention a statement that the Imam and Haafidh Adh-dhahabi (ra) brought in his book Siyar ‘Alaam an-Nubalaa [11/83].

It’s a small glimpse from the high Akhlaaq of one of the UNDISPUTED IMAMS OF AL-JARH WA TA’DEEL….

None other than al-Imaam, The AMIR-UL-MU’MINEEN in Hadith Ali al-Madeeni (may Allah have mercy upon him)

He said:

“I never saw a man making a mistake except that I CONCEALED IT (for him) and I preferred/loved/wished to beautify his situation. And I never met a man face to face with something THAT HE DISLIKED, but instead I would advise him about his mistake BETWEEN OURSELVES (in private). If he accepted (my advice from me, it was good) and if he rejected it, I left him (to it)”.

Siyar ‘Alaam an-Nubalaa11/83

It should be noted that this justice, kindness and rahmah from al-Imam Ali al-Madeeni (ra) was done by him although the scholars of Hadith considered him to be from the Mutashaddideen from those who were compentent in al-Jarh Wa Ta’deel.

I wonder what he would think of the ppl who talk in this field today.

Alluhamma Sallam Sallam….

Your brother,


About Rasheed Gonzales
My name is Rasheed Gonzales. I’m a Muslim convert of Filipino descent. Born and raised in Toronto, Canada, I was guided to Islam through one of my younger brothers and a couple of friends, all of whom had converted to Islam sometime before me (may Allah reward them greatly). I am married with four children (and the praise is Allah’s) and also a volunteer for the Qur'an & Sunnah Society of Canada, based in Toronto.

6 Responses to Shaikh Rabi’ IS NOT an Imam of Jarh & Ta’dil

  1. Muhammed says:

    As Salam ‘Alaykom brother, I’m an ex Madkhali. I need some clarification on Sheikh Abdur Rahman Abdul Khaleq. I’ve heard there are scholars who defend him but I’ve never come across a statement. Whenever I look for it I see a plethora of (Madkhali) websites attacking him. Do you have any statement from any scholar with regards to him just as you with Sheikh Abul Hasan Ma’ribi? Jazak ‘Allahu Khair.

  2. Wa ‘alaikum as-salam wa rahmatullah, brother Muhammed.

    I hope you’re doing well, Allah willing.

    Regarding the shaikh, I haven’t come across too many statements of praise for him, but that’s mainly because I haven’t bothered to look too hard. Off the top of my head, the statement from al-Albani (rh) that’s often used to criticize him comes to mind, i.e., ” … I, like you now, assert that he is not ikhwani. His methodology, however is ikhwani and he is salafi.” You can find this quoted on pg. 9 of my article Salafism, Do You Really Get It?.

    al-Albani’s statement regarding Ibn Abdil-Khaliq’s methodology was with respect to his approach to politics and his views concerning da’wah groups and organizations, it was not regarding his methodology as a whole, or his creed (which is pretty obvious from the statement itself).

    A quick Google search for his name also gave me this link as the top hit; Apparently, it’s a letter defending Ibn Abdil-Khaliq written by Ibn Baz (rh)–I say apparently only due to the fact that I haven’t read it. I’m not a big fan of the blog site, but it has some pretty beneficial and interesting posts concerning all things Madkhali.

    Another thing that comes to mind with regards to Ibn Abdil-Khaliq is the reception he received at the airport upon his return to Egypt after several years of being away. The news footage of his reception can be viewed here on YouTube. Several salafi shaikhs were there to welcome him home, including Abu Ishaq al-Huwaini, Muhammad Abdul-Maqsud, Ahmad Farid, and others.

  3. Ali abu Maryam says:

    Oh salafies, stay away from this website. Nothing but deviation and lies. Stick with the scholars, not rasheed gonzales or Abu Usama (the deviant)…

  4. Oh salafies, stay away from this website. Nothing but deviation and lies. Stick with the scholars, not rasheed gonzales or Abu Usama (the deviant)…

    I only saw this now, lol. What a joke.

    Deviation and lies? Prove it.

  5. tanveer sheikh says:

    Sheikh Muhammad Haadi al-Madkhali (may Allah forgive us all) did recently when he made a severe blunder caused by Ghaloo by making the ludicrous and unsupported/unsubstantiated statement […anyone who does not visit the Sheikh while on Hajj/Umrah and he does not have a good excuse for not doing so then he is Maghmoos ”
    do u hv link for this video pls give evidence

  6. Salam Tanveer.

    Google is your friend. محمد هادي المدخلي: من دخل مكة ولم يزر الشيخ ربيع فهو مغموص في قلبه شئ!!. Finding that took all of 2 seconds.

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