Quote … Unquote … no. 19

Beware of being “Father of the handspan”, for it was said: Knowledge is three handspans. Whoever enters the first handspan becomes arrogant; whoever enters the second handspan becomes humbled; and whoever enters into the third handspan knows that he does not know.

Shaikh Bakr bin ‘Abdillah Abū Zaid
Hilyah Tâlib al-‘Ilm, no. 55.
(As found in his al-Majmū’ah al-‘Ilmiyyah, pg. 198; referenced to Tadhkirah as-Sâmi’ wal-Mutakallim, pg. 65)


About Rasheed Gonzales
My name is Rasheed Gonzales. I’m a Muslim convert of Filipino descent. Born and raised in Toronto, Canada, I was guided to Islam through one of my younger brothers and a couple of friends, all of whom had converted to Islam sometime before me (may Allah reward them greatly). I am married with four children (and the praise is Allah’s) and also a volunteer for the Qur'an & Sunnah Society of Canada, based in Toronto.

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