22nd Annual QSS Convention Update

For those wondering what’s going on with the conference …

… Shaikh ‘Alî Hasan has already arrived. Shaikh Abū Hâtim’s plane should have arrived a few minutes ago; the brothers should be at the airport to pick him up at this very moment. Shaikh Khâlid is unable to make it due to visa complications that arose from his accepting CalltoIslam’s invitation to attend their conference; Allah decrees and does what He wills; he will be attending the Luton conference instead. Shaikh Abū Sa’îd was unable to get a visa, but fortunately, will be joining us for this conference via tele-link. So three of the four invited shaikhs will be participating in one form or another, and the praise is Allah’s.

A tentative schedule  has been posted to the QSS Canada website for those interested in knowing what’s planned for the conference. Conference starts at 1.00pm tomorrow (Dec. 25th, 2008). For those of you driving, keep in mind that parking is very, very limited, especially with the amount of snow that’s fallen upon us in the last few days. Please make use of the “Green P” lot northeast of the centre’s location. I’d advise against parking on Wexford Blvd. as it’s rather tight because of the snow banks on either side of the street. The last thing we want is to cause our neighbours a major inconvenience by clogging up the street with cars.

The lectures, if Allah wills, will also be broadcasted over PalTalk; information about where to find the room on PalTalk should be on the QSSC site, so that’s also an option for those of you who live far away or find the weather we’ve been having as of late to be a deterent keeping you from coming.

See you guys there!


About Rasheed Gonzales
My name is Rasheed Gonzales. I’m a Muslim convert of Filipino descent. Born and raised in Toronto, Canada, I was guided to Islam through one of my younger brothers and a couple of friends, all of whom had converted to Islam sometime before me (may Allah reward them greatly). I am married with four children (and the praise is Allah’s) and also a volunteer for the Qur'an & Sunnah Society of Canada, based in Toronto.

2 Responses to 22nd Annual QSS Convention Update

  1. Yusuf says:

    Here is a video of the khutbah Shaykh Ali gave – http://www.archive.org/details/khamlihthree_1.

  2. May Allah reward and bless you, Yusuf, for posting the video. I wasn’t aware that it had been posted.

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