A Message to the Students of Knowledge & the Callers to Islam

New from brother Kamil:

I write this first and foremost as a reminder to myself, and secondly as a reminder to my brothers and sisters from among the students of knowledge and from among those active in the field Da’wah and teaching. The times we live in are times of great Fitan, especially for those involved in seeking knowledge and delivering that knowledge to the people, and especially for those living in the West. We find many of them who have spent several years seeking knowledge under great scholars, who were known for their firmness in knowledge, uprightness in their implementation of that knowledge, and in spreading that knowledge to the masses, suddenly changing from what they were upon. Now, I don’t intend by this to bring down their status in any way, nor do I intend to write a refutation of them, rather they deserve our respect and honour for having preceded us in the good that they have put forth for the Ummah. However, I hope this serves as a reminder to them, a reminder to those who are following in their footsteps, and a reminder to others so as not to fall into the mistakes they have fallen into.

Allah (SWT) says:

Read on … A Message to the Tullab-ul-‘Ilm and Du’at.


About Rasheed Gonzales
My name is Rasheed Gonzales. I’m a Muslim convert of Filipino descent. Born and raised in Toronto, Canada, I was guided to Islam through one of my younger brothers and a couple of friends, all of whom had converted to Islam sometime before me (may Allah reward them greatly). I am married with four children (and the praise is Allah’s) and also a volunteer for the Qur'an & Sunnah Society of Canada, based in Toronto.

2 Responses to A Message to the Students of Knowledge & the Callers to Islam

  1. Sameer Parker says:

    These are definitely times of fitnah and it requires that we give a defence of our deen against those calling for th genocide of Muslims because they are arguing that we are all inherently evil and can not be reasoned with unless we leave Islam. I have started a humble attempt to post some of the statements of the ulamaa on this topic as a form of dawah to these people to see that the Khawaarij interpretation is not the correct form of Islam

  2. May Allah aid you in your efforts, brother Sameer.

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