The Meaning of “All of the Praise is for Allah”

Taken from Taqrîb Tarîq al-Hijratain wa Bâb as-Sa’âdatain By Imam Ibn Qayyim al-Jawziyyah

And for Him is the praise, all of it is obligatory for His essence. So He does not exist except as praised just as He does not exist except as a god and as a lord and as capable. So when it is said, “the praise, all of it, is for Allah,” then this has two meanings.

The first of them is that He is praised for everything and with all of what the completely praised [thing] is praised with. Even if some of His creation is praised also, like His messengers and His prophets and their followers are praised, then that is from His praise, blessed and exalted is He. Rather, He is the One praised with the first aspiration and in essence, and whatever they are awarded of the praise, then they are awarded it with His praise, for He is the praised one firstly and lastly, outwardly and inwardly. And this is just like He is knowledgeable of everything. He has taught others from His knowledge what would not be known without His teaching. And in the reported supplication is «O Allah, for You is the praise, all of it; and for You is the dominion, all of it, and in Your hand is the good, all of it; and to You the affair returns, all of it. I ask You from the good, all of it; and I take refuge with You from the evil, all of it.» For Him, glorified is He, is the dominion and He has given some of His creation from the dominion, and for Him is the praise, and He has given others from the praise whatever He willed. And just as the dominion of the created being enters into His dominion, then his praise also enters into His praise. So there is no praised thing that is praised—everything from what is tiny or great—except that Allah is the One praised for it in essence and is the priority, as well. If he said, “O Allah, for you is the praise,” then the intent of it is “You are the One deserving of every praise.” The outward praise is not intended by it only.

The second meaning is that it is said, “For You is the praise, all of it,” meaning, the perfect, complete praise. So this is relevant to Allah, partnership in it is not for others.

The reality is that for Him is the praise with both meanings collectively. So for Him is the generality of the praise and its perfection. And this is from His special characteristics, glorified is He. For He is the One praised for every situation and for everything with the greatest and most significant of praise. Just as for Him is the general, complete dominion. So no one has dominion over everything except Him, and the perfect, complete dominion is not except for Him. The followers of the Messengers affirm the perfection of the dominion and the perfection of the praise for Him, for surely they say, “Surely, He is the Creator of everything; its Lord and its Possessor. Definitely nothing exits from His creation and His ability, for His is the dominion, all of it.”

Source: al-Jawziyyah, Ibn Qayyim, Taqrîb Tarîq al-Hijratain wa Bâb as-Sa’âdatain. Beirut, Lebanon: al-Maktab al-Islâmî, 1993. pgs. 200-201.


About Rasheed Gonzales
My name is Rasheed Gonzales. I’m a Muslim convert of Filipino descent. Born and raised in Toronto, Canada, I was guided to Islam through one of my younger brothers and a couple of friends, all of whom had converted to Islam sometime before me (may Allah reward them greatly). I am married with four children (and the praise is Allah’s) and also a volunteer for the Qur'an & Sunnah Society of Canada, based in Toronto.

3 Responses to The Meaning of “All of the Praise is for Allah”

  1. Sumera says:

    Thanks for this. Found it useful. JazakAllahu Khayr.

  2. Wa iyyaki. I hope it wasn’t too hard to follow. I haven’t edited it for readability in English … just translated it for some other forum and then posted it up.

  3. Sumera says:

    No it was simple to follow – you become accustomed to the style of writing, its common in most of the books that are translated into English. Thank you for asking though. Appreciate it.

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